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Zhang Guang

(idzmj0723)This article walks the reader through the costs and benefits of living in such housing.

Dland Developers

Nice Post.

Investors have a good oppurtunity now to buy this prime property in Kochi
in view of the tourism growth in Goshree ilsands.
The prices are already crossed the limits. But still it will be good investment for future.

Account Deleted

Cheers for making this post. It's fantastic. Eager for the next piece of writing.


Wang Wangwenling

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Wang Wangwenling

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Though the facility is for the poor, but still the rich is also demanding the need to have a cheap apartment.


This idea sounds great. for sure I will try to apply this.


Account Deleted

There are cheap alternatives in NY also but not big and spacey.

Account Deleted

There are cheap alternatives in NY also but not big and spacey.

Account Deleted

nice job!

Account Deleted

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It seems a promising place to live, would be nice.

Fisher Davis

I would guess that there is certain segment of the population.
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Raja Diraja

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i was living in ny for years, i like the people there, but ny feels like a house of chicken, too many people, tooo many cars, nah i wouldn t get there a house or flat for that much money. thanks ;-)


Interesting article. I think as cities continue to grow americans will have to change.


I currently live in Honolulu and the cost per square foot is so high here just like NY. The majority of the population here is asian so smaller apartments are really not an issue. I was shocked when I first moved here to find such tiny apartments for such a hefty price. But after living in Japan I'm kinda used to the smaller refrigerators and shoji screens for separation.

Account Deleted

That's really eye catching post for investors who are looking for new opportunities.

Hanna Sparks

I wont deny the fact that reading your post is worthy enough. Thank you for sharing such post like this. I just hope that one day you will post an article about Yoga. More power!


The smaller sized apts seem to be the in thing now...They are tearing down bigger ones here in Bham and going to the small sized ones....Its amazing.



It happens everywhere in Metropole cities, I think.


Hendri Prastio Kurniawan

nice info

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