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Zhang Guang

(idzmj0720)Borrowers are no longer under water.


The money is always "spent", in fact, to the point of being nationally in massive debt,


Even though the government bailed out the banks and other huge corporations, and earlier savings and loans, it does nothing to help people who are the victims of the implemented policies. The overpriced real estate market was not created by the home buyers but by the greedy bankers who created packages of financial instrument in hopes of fast gains. Now, however, the burden is on an average citizen who is unable, especially with the enormous job losses, to pay his mortgage in a depressed market. No one seems to notice that the real unemployment numbers are manipulated in order not to show how bad the economy actually is. The numbers show only the new claim as opposed to all people who are receiving unemployment benefits or these who benefits are already exhausted but who still remain unemployed. The attempts at mortgage modifications where the number of years of the mortgage is extended up to 40 years does not really help the borrower who will end up paying much more in interest then on his original loan. Whether seizing mortgages by the government is going to help is yet to be seen but I personally think this is a viable solution.


Home mortgage business is in deep water and it seems that no one is going to pay attention to, or even attempt to solve this problem

Raja Diraja

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seragam kerja kantor murah di surewi...

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