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A Facebook User

I definitely agree with your remark regarding gentrification and the domino effect. I have seen it happen around my old property which I now rent.
My new blog centers around the movement in orange county real estate. I would love to have your feed back on it. It is:

Just a standard blog and not as in-depth as yours of course.

Warmest Regards.

Account Deleted

Nice post on the past expreince, it really happened and will be happening all through again..this is part of this real estate game..

Account Deleted

Thanks for sharing this information.


Good post on the already expreince, it really happened and will be happening all through again..this is part of this real estate game

Bobby Brooks

I've noticed an increase in city centers as well, have you noticed a different in growth as compared to tax rates? I would imagine the Los Angeles Metro Area would be increasing in population of people who want/demand city services, i.e. county and state assistance but is decreasing in numbers of people who make a high enough income to pay taxes to support these services. I believe this high income earners are relocating to areas where their incomes can remain relatively the same or slightly lower, but their tax burden has decreased dramatically, this is evidenced by the huge influx of California's to Texas. Bobby Brooks Realtor


Thank you

Zhang Guang

The centralization of price growth during the boom was particularly dramatic in those metropolitan areas where income is higher away from the city center.idzmj0824

Hendri Prastio Kurniawan


Hendri Prastio Kurniawan


Nice info...

Atok Sn

thanks for your sharing

Mitra SEO

posting yang bagus sekali nih gan



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