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Jeepers Creepers, we minus well bring back the shag carpets and bell bottoms! I can only imagine what a 30-year-old Anderson student in the '70s would think if they could pop open their Facebook app, indulge in the latest global trends article, then discover democracy is becoming stupefied.

As I rummage through Ferguson's article, it's demoralizing to read blow after blow he fires off on our economic outlook. Is there any glimmer of hope? Maybe the decrease in housing prices he identifies will help first-time home buyers, only if we can survive unemployment, rising interest rates, and stagflation? Oh wait...we live in southern California.

While the article was interesting, it was personally a lot for me to take in. Basically, we have an avalanche of bad coming our way? What can we do to limit the impact? There is so much global turmoil between superpowers, it has to be worse than in the 1970s, right? Working for an international company with locations in both Russia and China, it's been interesting, to say the least, how "quiet" we have gotten with our foreign direct investments. Formerly "Russian" made parts procured by the U.S. govt. now cannot be procured from them but need to be sourced elsewhere, to then be used against Russia? It's a hard pill to swallow, but it's reality. Perhaps, the similarities to the 70s are so strong, that we should in fact entertain shameless hedonism.

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