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Beyond the food preparation process, I was at a restaurant a couple of months ago and they used a robot to deliver food to the table and then the server would be there in order to put the food on the table. I will have to say, right now there's a "cool" factor when you see a robot delivering you food, although I was a little afraid when I was walking near it that it wouldn't stop!

In this case, the robot seemed to be complementing the wait staff as they would no longer have to worry about moving food from the kitchen to the tables and the efforts associated with that which could also allow the wait staff to be more attentive to the guests. However, it did seem like there was less wait staff and they could be responsible for more tables, making it more cost effective, reducing jobs and as such increasing inequality.

I've been to an increasing number of restaurants where guests order via a tablet or their own smartphones, as well as pay via their smartphones. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I recently went to a restaurant that had guests order via tablet, but the staff provided an incredible level of service, and I think there will always be a demand for this level of service at least front of house.

While Elon Musk has long supported UBI, he recently commented again on this very issue, stating that he was working to create "friendly" robots that would take over mundane or dangerous tasks, making it so that physical work will be a choice in the future. He reaffirmed that UBI will be necessary with robots taking over these physical jobs. Additionally, mayors in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and more cities have supposedly formed a coalition (Mayors for a Guaranteed Income) to support the very same. I'm curious to see the traction for UBI and how these other cities will approach the policy, whether they choose to follow in Stockton's footsteps or expand it for their respective cities.

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