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For about 500 years, the Roman empire had successfully succeed to unite the European continent for the first time in history. Fast forward to the EU, its about the 5th or 6th attempt to unite Europe and represents nothing new in history. The EU has been a success, we haven't really seen many German tanks marching around in Paris since the start of the union. The problems faced by the union today are minor when compared to the problems Europe could have faced (i.e., another war).

The best way forward in my opinion is to keep the union, there are way too many benefits that are to be had. However, perhaps countries should have more autonomy in terms of certain key decisions in order to keep the union together.

Going back to the author's point, where Greece did not like the austerity measures put in place. It is of my opinion that if Greece was not on the Euro, they would have been much worse off and their currency would have devaluated significantly. Greece's exports of olive oil and Feta cheese were never going to be enough to keep its currency in check.

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