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The Bloomberg Modicare article was a fascinating read on not only the impressive strides one hospital has made (and continue to make) to offer affordable medical services, especially compared to the Western world, but the ambitious steps the Indian government is taking to present medical coverage to half a billion people while pushing the industry to become more cost-conscious and innovative is admirable.

Personally I've always believed there was plenty of opportunity to lower costs in the medical industry in the US, and now there will be a model to follow based on India's large-scale efforts. Big Tech, Amazon Care being an example, is threatening the industry by offering low-cost alternatives to traditional services that may ultimately disrupt the market and spark innovation among competitors.

These steps, both abroad and domestically, have the potential to revolutionize the healthcare sector for the better. Considering we are taking about putting a price on human life and/or their well-being, I'd say these changes are long overdue.

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