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I don't think there is anything wrong with her sanyig she chose to be an actress. She did choose that career. Much the way I chose to work in advertising and went to school to study advertising and worked my way up in advertising, she did the same thing with acting. She studied hard, went to endless auditions and worked her way up. Don't really see a difference.I can't complain that I am not a rich actress because I never did anything remotely close to even trying to be an actress. It's not all luck they work hard too.


THX that's a great awnser!


Amen! I can have a beer (please note the word/letter a for all those who believe in phitobirion)after a hard day of work while watching SHU play. This is America. Now all I need is for it to be a reasonable price, but beggers can not be choosers.Did they explain or show how they cover the upper seats/level for not well attended games?BB

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