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A great investment for a great cause - we we're in a similar position last year and had similar luck, look at us now! https://citaorguk.com/

Amber Sophie

Young entrepeneurs in the US should consider looking at SBA loans ( https://www.sba.gov/funding-programs/loans ), they have proven particularly useful for tech startups ( https://xxxbios.com/news/a-brief-history-of-vr-technology/ )

SBA loans are "a legal way to steal money from the government" according to one old entrepeneur I heard talk recently lol. All 5 of those companies making their pitch at Silicon Valley should consider looking up SBA loans

Jorge O. Karpinski

If you’re young, and you are entrepreneurial, your single greatest asset is your age. I have absolutely found this to be true.


Strongly support this initiative, love their passion for entrepreneurship. All the best for their final pitch.

Jonny Nastor

This makes me so happy to see. This world needs more young entrepreneurs, as I believe they are the ones who will change our world for the better.

Founder Bootcamp sounds like a great resource. Keep it up.

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